Top 6 Extinct Reptiles

Top 6 Extinct Animals

Ironically, the rage surrounding conserving wild animals has always neglected reptiles. Rarely do we find a conservation center solely dedicated to reptiles. Unfortunately, the extinction of dinosaurs failed to teach us a lesson. Now, the results of a survey in 2016  shocked us. The survey was conducted by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and it listed 24 species of reptiles as extinct. 

Here, we must keep in mind that a reptile is not necessarily safe in the wild. There, they are frequently attacked by predators, charred to death by forest fires or afflicted by some fatal diseases. 

Top 6 Extinct Reptiles
Top 6 Extinct Reptiles

Let’s Name The Extinct Species

How many of us bother to look closely at a reptile as it slithers past us? Had we done so, perhaps its striking beauty would have left us mesmerized. Thus, we would have felt compelled to think more about conserving them. Now, let us have a look at those reptiles which have become extinct.

Cape Verde Giant Skink – Extinct Due To Human Intervention

To begin with, there are skinks, which are a variety of lizards. They were residents of Polar Regions and mountains. However, the Cape Verde giant skink could not avoid the clutches of extinction. 

This is because humans relentlessly hunted them down to extract “skink oil.” Moreover, their natural habitat was gradually turning into a desert. In this context, we should keep in mind that either reptiles or any other species of animals can’t adapt themselves to changing the weather as easily as a human. Even the slightest change in their natural habitat can prove fatal for them. However, it won’t be wise to confuse skinks with skunks.

Jamaican Giant Galliwasp

Then came the Jamaican Giant Galliwasp. Ironically, it had been seen in Puerto Rico, Jamaica. This species of languid lizards were seen for the last time in the 1840s. They were known for being mysterious and secretive. However, they used to exist so early that we do not know much about them.

Delcourt’s Giant Gecko

Also, we hear about Delcourt’s giant gecko, which had become extinct by the late nineteenth century. At last, it had been hunted down by a Maori chieftain. During its lifetime, this two-foot-long reptile had been found in New Zealand.

Martinique Giant Ameiva – Extinct Due To Natural Calamity

Some reptile enthusiasts had also come up with the name of Martinique Giant Ameiva. It was an 18-foot long lizard. This reptile could have been identified by a forked tongue as well as a pointed head. Assumably, this breed of reptiles had become extinct because of a vindictive hurricane. Originally, it had inhabited South as well as Central America. 

Giant Monitor Lizard

Many reptile enthusiasts had identified the remnants of a Giant Monitor Lizard. Also, it had correctly been referred to as “the giant wanderer.” True to its name, it had been almost 25 feet in length and 2 tons in weight.

A popular belief is that the reptiles had lost their prey. Along with this, they had not been able to adapt to climatic changes. Most probably, these were the reasons why they had become extinct.


Suddenly, a reptile named Quinkana had wreaked havoc among the population 40,000 years ago. This had been a crocodile with sharp and curved teeth, unusually long legs and a tendency to hunt. However, the reason for their extinction is still unknown.

Top 6 Extinct Reptiles
Top 6 Extinct Reptiles

To conclude, such extinct reptiles have opened our eyes to the lack of conservation regarding reptiles.

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