Top 5 Types of Baby Grass Snake

Baby Grass Snake

Here’s the list of the top 5 Baby Grass Snake varieties. Learn about the different patterns and habitat of this snake species.

Grass snakes have many native species. Humans usually fear them because they are secretive, mysterious, and many are dangerous. However, in time, many pet lovers also try to adopt snakes. But, for this article, we will talk about a baby grass snake.

Common Grass Snake

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Grass snakes are the most common snakes in the United Kingdom. They generally grow for 75 cm and grow up to 150 cm; they are usually color green with spots along its sides or short black vertical bars. You can often find them near canals, ponds, rivers, open woodland, grassland, and sometimes gardens.

They like to make gardens their egg-laying sites, and the babies appear in August and September. If you own a garden pond, you may get to find them there because they feed on fish and amphibians. Grass snakes are harmless to human beings.


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Adder has a zigzag pattern on their backs. You can often find them in the heathland and grasslands. These are the only venomous grass snake in the United Kingdom and do not make nests or lay eggs. Their venom is meant for small animals as their food.

Female Adder snakes often come in brown color with dark brown linings and patterns all over their body. On the other hand, male snakes often come in color gray with black linings and patterns. You can easily identify the gender of Adder snakes in terms of color.

Smooth Snake

Smooth snakes are very secretive. You will not find them in your garden but underneath things, and that is scary. They can grow for around 2ft long and has slender bodies. These snakes are also scientifically called as Coronella Austriaca.

Smooth snakes are often found in the UK, but their main habitat is located in Surrey. Smooth snakes are normally not the ones that you can find in the garden, because they love to hide.


Juvenile is a baby grass snake. It has collar markings and miniature versions of the adult ones; they are adorable and usually found on grasslands and water. Some juveniles can be held with just your hand, or they are tiny, like worms.

Exotic Species

Exotic species of grass snake must be protected, so when you see one you are highly advised to call authorities when you recognized an uncommon snake. They have different sizes and colors, and we must take care of our animals before they go extinct.

When you see this non-native snake lounging around near your home or wherever you are, always remember to keep your calm and do not touch the snake. You can try and look and identify itm but do not trap. Immediately call authorities once you see one.


Grass snakes do not harm humans; however, it is not legal to kill or hunt them. As humans, we need to protect them and their habitat. Even if the baby grass snake is feared by many, they still make our ecosystem balanced. Be a leader in changing things.

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