Top 3 Snakes For Sale

Top 3 Snakes For Sale

Snakes for sale! Sounds weird? Then you might not have the idea about the range of the word, “hobby”. Yes, if reading books, listening to music, stamp collection, video games can be counted as a hobby, keeping a snake as a pet can also be a hobby for a person. In fact, if you have the capability to be a good snake charmer, a snake can be a good pet, as snakes don’t need quality time and attention such as dogs and cats. Furthermore, the maintenance cost is quite affordable. You just have to feed them, take good care of them and clean their tanks regularly – that’s it. Easily you and your pet can have happy moments.

Snakes For Sale – The Online Stores

If you are up to be a snake charmer, you must have studied a lot about snakes and their characteristics already. Here you can find suggestions for the top 3 snakes that you can think to buy.

Central American Boa

Another name of Central American Boa is dwarf boa. The reason behind the nomenclature is their comparatively small size than other boa species. They grow up to a maximum of 12 (Males) – 14 inches (Females). You can go for a Central American Boa to keep as a pet if you are looking for a friendly one. Because they are easy to handle and feed on. When they are kiddos, you can feed them once a week. Once they grow up, the feeding can be done once in ten days. However, their life span varies from 20 to 35 years.

Top 3 Snakes For Sale
Top 3 Snakes For Sale

Ball Python

If you are thinking about petting a snake for the first time, you can order a baby ball python. A fully grown ball python does not exceed 3 to 5 feet. 20-gallon tanks for a baby ball python and a 30-gallon tank for a grown-up one are enough to make them comfortable inside it. They can be good pets as they are not very active. Hence, handling them is not going to be hectic for you. Moreover, you need not take the headache to feed them on a daily basis. For a baby ball python, the gap between two feeds can be 5 to 7 days but that for a grown-up can be 2 weeks. You can get their company for 20-30 years easily. But if well taken care of, they can survive till 50 years even.


Again, Colubrid can be a good choice if you wish to keep a snake as a pet. They are not bigger than 6 – 7 feet in length. Hence, handling is not going to be a big deal for you as you have a fascination with snake charming. However, a very important fact to keep in mind is that colubrid, also known as the king snake, swallows other snakes. Hence, you must remember that you should house them alone.

Top 3 Snakes For Sale
Top 3 Snakes For Sale

Where You Can Find Snakes For Sale

If you planning to get an online delivery, please, look through the below suggestions for you.

  • The finest one is XYZ Reptiles. They offer you a wide variety of selective collection with Overnight Shipping and Guaranteed and Safe Delivery. They even assure genetically best borne captive snakes. Keep an eye on their exclusive addition very often.
  • Underground Reptiles are another assured suppliers of some of the best snakes such as Ball Pythons, Boas, Colubrids, Green Tree Python and many more.  
  • Snakes at Sunset is a place with a huge collection of snakes at affordable rates with overnight shipping facilities.
  • BHB Reptiles is a specialized seller of Geckos and other reptiles.
  • Looking for baby snakes? Strictly Reptiles offers you the best variety of the same and are probably one of the best online suppliers of wholesale reptiles.
  • Another is the Morph Market USA – the largest online suppliers of live exotic snakes including Pythons, Boas, Lizards, and others. This offers you a better discount on every purchase.
  • Backwater Reptiles brings for you an absolutely exclusive collection of snakes for sale – be it vine snakes or ball python.
  • Petco & Shop provides a great opportunity for buyers who all are in search of snakes for sale.

Not only these, but there are also many more like, Reptiles2You, etc where you can choose from.

Can Snakes Be Tamed Or Domesticated?

However, as far as we are aware, snakes cannot be domesticated or tamed as they are wild animals. Though you can have snakes as pets, you can’t leave your child casually with them to play. Because this may turn out to be fatal for them. There are many instances of children being killed by snakes even after you think that you have tamed them.

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