Top 20 Best Pet Lizards for Beginners

Best Reptile Pets

Have you been interested in lizards lately? If you want to get one or many lizards as a pet, you need to know first what the best is for you as a newbie. Here are some lizards for beginners.

Savannah Monitor

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This monitor lizard is very active and intelligent yet relaxed and calm. If you are looking for a lizard who is behaved and tamed, the Savannah Monitor is the one for you.


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It is a beautiful lizard because of its fascinating and changing colors capacity. The Chameleon is the most kept lizard pets in the world, and it is common to many lizard fans.

Green Iguana

Iguanas have great size for pets and one of the most intelligent lizards. Just like the Chameleon, this lizard is also one of the most popular pets to keep.

Green Anole

Even if they are small, these lizards are very active but fragile at the same time.

African Fat-Tailed Gecko

These lizards as a pet are fragile, so be careful when handling them. They are also sensitive when it comes to handlers, and when they are triggered, they can get aggressive.


Uromastyx loves to dig and likes to create a friendly relationship with its handler. They are one of the most loving lizards in the world and can be easily tamed.

Ackie Monitor or Spiny Tailed Lizard

This lizard is excellent for beginners because they are small and like being active.

Argentine Black and White Tegu

It is one of the most exciting lizards that are docile and gets easily attached to owners.

Crested Gecko

You can easily tame a crested gecko because they are docile. Also, the lizard’s diet is simple.

Blue-Tongued Skink

One gentle lizard is this blue-tongued skink even if its looks are slightly frightening.

Leopard Gecko

This lizard is easy to deal with, and their diet is effortless. You can give food every three days.

Gargoyle Gecko

The gargoyle gecko may look frightening but it quickly adapts to its owner.

Bearded Dragon

These lizards are very friendly and will trust you quickly when you hold them often. The Bearded Dragon can live up to 15 years approximately, and they can grow up to 24 inches.

Green Basilisk

They are known as Jesus Christ lizards and native to Central America.

Mountain Horned Dragon

This lizard is from Southeast Asia and is frequently found in high areas.

Caiman Lizard

Caiman can take time to adapt to their handlers but smart.

Gidgee Skink

You can put your Gidgee Skink is a tank with different reptiles as they like to be in groups instead of living alone.

African Fire Skink

This lizard has a great personality and is energetic. If you like a playful lizard as a pet that you can interact with, the African Fire Skink is the one to get.

Chinese Water Dragon

They can be smaller for a water dragon by being very friendly and socialized. This lizard is mostly found in Asia, especially in China and Singapore.

Gold-Dust Day Gecko

It is a very shy lizard and does not usually interact with handlers.


Ensure that you are a suitable pet lover because some of these lizards need more care than others. Lizards as a pet can be fun to be friends with and they can even last up to years compared to other pets.

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