Garter Snake – A Trustworthy Pet

Garter Snake - A Trustworthy Pet

The garter snake is one of the foremost wide accepted pet serpents. These are non-venomous and pretty easy to handle. In length, they don’t exceed 2-3 ft therefore you can even let your child hold and nurture them. The nomenclature, however, draws attention. ‘Garter’ came from the three distinct body-stripes of the snake resembling the leg-bands worn by humans to carry up socks.

Garter snake shows a spate of colors including green, yellow, red, orange, blue with contrasting stripes over dorsal and ventral surfaces. They are mostly functional throughout day time and rests at night. Housing them would, therefore, be an excellent plan if you are looking for exotic reptiles to home. So read on and push your wild pet goals a tad further!

Garter Snake - A Trustworthy Pet
Garter Snake – A Trustworthy Pet

Dig Into The Wild Abundance Or Select Captive Breeds Of Garter Snake

So, where do you look for when it comes to a garter snake? They are widely spread in the United States, especially Canada, Mexico, Florida, and Central America. They are domestic reptiles, found in small aquatic environments, ponds, river lines, fields, and wetlands.

However, drawing your pet straight out of the wild can prove a little tricky. Chances of wild varieties to be disease prone are much higher. Also, this can disturb the ecosystem. Hence you can head out to captive breeders or even search online.

Decorate Wild, Decorate Wise

Your garter snake may expect a well-decorated house with all the necessary things. You can always keep fancy stuff inside your pet house to make it look gorgeous. But there are few must-haves. So what exactly do you need to have in your pet’s house? Let’s find out.

  • A moderately large terrarium.
  • A tight lid to resist your snake from escaping.
  • A heat source to keep the house warm as a garter snake is cold-blooded.
  • A different water source inside the tank to keep your pet hydrated.
  • An available source of freshwater daily.
  • Some rough-surfaced objects like a piece of rock to help to shed skin.
  • A temperature regulator and reading thermometer.

A Great Diet Keeps Your Garter Snake At Its Best Form

Your pet is just like your child. So feed them right. Garter snakes can have a diverse diet. They feed on small insects, invertebrates, worms, small fishes, minor aquatic creatures, snails, etc. However, you can trust with artificially frozen mice, earthworms, small guppies, platies, frogs, etc.

An adult garter snake should be fed on an interval of 8-10 days. A growing one or pregnant female should be given food every 4-5 days.

Although it’s better to avoid live food as they can hurt your snake at any time. However, if you want to serve them live food, do consider a different setup for that. Also, try non-harmful smaller prey.

Garter Snake - A Trustworthy Pet
Garter Snake – A Trustworthy Pet

However, Be Careful!

Your pet’s health should be the prime concern. Remember these are wild creatures. Therefore can have internal physiological issues inherited already. The garter snakes can have intestinal tract infections. Hence focus on keeping the digestive tract clear. Besides they can reduce immunity for not being exposed to required sunlight and natural air. Try keeping your tank as natural as possible. Let them have the wild feel sometimes. Consuming too much-frozen food can lead to abnormal nutritional hazards. So a little live-food is a necessity. Make sure your pet house has enough ventilation so that they don’t get suffocated.

However, keeping at the place all things necessary, the garter snake makes one extremely humble pet companion for sure.

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