Frogs – The Leaping Amphibian

Frogs - The Leaping Amphibians

There was a time when our parents read out fairy tales involving frog turning into a prince to us. Since then, young girls developed a penchant for these amphibians. All those high hopes were reduced to dust when the frog stuck out their tongues at the smitten girls while licking their lips for juicy dragonflies. However, let us focus on frogs as mere amphibians only.

Frogs - The Leaping Amphibian
Frogs – The Leaping Amphibian

What Are Frogs?

To begin with, we must know that frogs are amphibians who have bulging eyes. However, these tailless creatures need to be near some water bodies in order to reproduce. During other times, they can spend some time on land as well.

Their strong, webbed feet help them swim and leap. Apart from that, they possess moist and clammy skin. Let us know about their habitat, food, and habits.

Where Are Frogs Found?

For our knowledge, we can see that the frog is a common amphibian, found in each and every continent except Antarctica. Before proceeding any further, we should know more about the food a frog enjoys.

Diet Of Frogs

Succulent insects including juicy grasshoppers, bugs and even small fish are a part of the diet of a frog. The way they stick out their tongues to catch a prey amidst a garden makes it seem that they are having a one-course buffet in a five-star restaurant. In short, a frog consumes any living creature, especially insects which fit into its mouth. Now, we need to know about the habits of a frog. This is because it is important to know more about the amphibian with which we share our planet. A clear knowledge of the creatures who co-habit with us helps balance the ecosystem.

Frogs - The Leaping Amphibian
Frogs – The Leaping Amphibian


A frog prefers to travel in groups. Even, they swim together. A group of frogs is known as a colony or knot. During the mating season, an entire colony of male frogs starts croaking loudly. Apparently, they croak to attract the attention of female frogs. The moment a female frog is attracted to a particular male frog, the male frog grabs her and she lays eggs for him to fertilize.

However, do we still remember the Enid Blyton stories where the children would hide frogs in the desks of their classmates? As soon as the classmate would open her desk, out leaped the frog. As a result, the entire class would break out into screams of fear and excitement.

Such events give rise to a question. Are frogs dangerous?

Are They Dangerous?

The sight of a frog leaping around or goggling at something is no doubt creepy. To elaborate, certain frogs have a toxic substance on the skin named bufotoxin.

This prevents predators from gulping them down as juicy morsels. Also, a cunning species of frog named “allobates zaparo” deceives its predators by imitating the appearance of two different species of toxic frogs. Superficially, it shares some features with both these species. Thus, it highlights these features to resemble both in order to protect itself from its predators.

In this context, one should be able to identify the venomous frog by its color. The more venomous a frog is, the brighter its color will be.

To conclude, some frogs which are not venomous are even eaten. They are considered to be a luxury dish in France. Most amusingly, a frog is as relished in Franxe as Hilsa fish is in Bengal.

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