Corn Snakes As Pets – Few Important Tips

Corn Snakes As Pets - Few Important Tips

Are you thinking of getting a reptile as your new pet? And you’ve decided it to be a corn snake? That’s really a good idea. However, before opting for one, you definitely need to know about them. Especially how you are going to handle them. Otherwise, you may end up getting bitten or killing the poor creature due to poor maintenance. So allow me to provide a few important and easy tips to handle corn snakes effectively while keeping them as pets.

Few Interesting Facts About Corn Snakes

Here lies the most interesting part. Snakes do not feel love. Neither do they develop any type of connection with anyone, not even with their own babies. Meanwhile, you must be thinking, “How am I going to get it as a pet then?” Actually, they become accustomed to their environment and the contact of their owners. Though they register the contact of their owner as safe, handling them frequently is not a wise option at all.

The black and white marks in their belly resembled the kernels of corn, and hence, the name ‘corn snake’. Also, cornfields are one of the favorite places of this species because of the availability of rodents, their primary meal.

Surroundings And Maintenance Required For Corn Snakes

Corn Snakes As Pets - Few Important Tips
Corn Snakes As Pets – Few Important Tips

To shelter your corn snake, you will be needing a glass aquarium. Now don’t wonder ‘why’? Obviously, you cannot let it run free here and there. Moreover, these constrictors feel vulnerable in exposed places and hence will try to hide somewhere. Now, do you want to lose it? Definitely not. Besides, you need a dry and warm place to keep it as well.

In the beginning, my suggestion would be to keep a place, where it can hide. Initially, it will stay hidden most of the time and will come out once it feels that the surrounding is safe. Allow your pet some time to get accustomed. After all, it’s been nicked from its natural surroundings and brought to a completely new environment.

Important Things To Look After

One of the most important things to look after is the aquarium size. Try to get one with at least 90-100 cm long and 40-50 cm tall. On top of that, do not place too many rocks and trees inside it. Your pet must have enough space to stretch itself. And do not forget about the lid. You will be needing that too.

Also, if you are using reptile mats, try to get 2 of them. You can use them alternatively when the other one will be washed.

Along with that, try to change the drinking water each day. And keep the aquarium clean. Nothing can be a better substitute than your care, for your pet’s long life. Corn snakes are carnivorous and mainly feeds on rodents. While young you have to feed them 2-3 times a week. However, once they are adults, feeding them once a week is enough.

Tips For Handling Corn Snake

Do not handle them frequently. Remember, they do not grow any mental connection with anyone. So definitely they don’t want to get cuddled, unlike kittens. Rather they tolerate it. So the suggestion would be to handle them once a week. Also, you can take the help of a snake hook if you feel comfortable with that.

Corn Snakes As Pets - Few Important Tips
Corn Snakes As Pets – Few Important Tips

However, there are some important things you need to know before handling them. 

Do not handle them right after feeding them. It causes issues in their digestion. On top of that, your hand may smell of the rodent you just fed it. As a result, it might think of your hand as a rodent and ends up biting it. That’s definitely something you don’t want? Isn’t it?

Also, do not handle it, if you see its eyes turning bluish and skin opaque. That’s the time when it’s getting ready to shed.

Few Last Things To Know Before You Get Your Corn Snake

Before you place the order, know that there are certain laws related to the custody of corn snakes. It will be unfortunate if you are residing in the state of Georgia. Your state does not permit custody of any type of corn snakes. Meanwhile, if you are residing in the state of New Jersey, you can opt for a few listed ones.

If you are wondering where to get your pet from, there are many combo-offers available in pet stores and on the internet. They come with everything, the aquarium, the hydrometer, the lamps to keep it warm and many more. On the other hand, you can definitely buy all of these individually and create a custom habitat of your preference.

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