7 Rare Species Of Reptiles - Unfortunate Yet True -

7 Rare Species Of Reptiles – Unfortunate Yet True

7 Rare Species Of Reptiles - Unfortunate Yet True

If you are talking about reptiles, it has its own huge world of its own variety. And if you switch over to rare species of reptiles, it’s not only vast, it’s weird and astonishing. You will get to know about so many creatures that range from vulnerable to critically endangered. In this article, you will find 7 names of such rare species of reptiles.

Names Of Some Rare Reptiles

The Zoological Society of London has prepared a list of rare reptiles that includes 100 of these endangered species. The names on the list include Juvenile Minute Leaf Chameleon and Madagascar Blind Snake as well.

Union Island Geckos – The Exotic Rare Reptile

Moreover, as per records, only a few specimens of Union Island Geckos are left in the world. It’s estimated that only 6,500 of them are alive as of now. Isn’t it enough already to understand from the mentioned record, that how much endangered they are? Unfortunately, you can see only a few of them now on the slopes above Union Island on Chatham Bay. It requires mentioning that, they seem to prefer the rocky portions of the tropical forest areas.

Zong’s Odd Scaled Snakes – The Rare And Most Endangered

Next comes the Zong’s odd scaled snakes, who were residents in a particular part of China. Surveys were conducted in 2010 and 2011 in their search and it revealed that only five of them are alive now. Without any further debate, they are now in the bracket of rare and most endangered reptiles.

7 Rare Species Of Reptiles - Unfortunate Yet True
7 Rare Species Of Reptiles – Unfortunate Yet True

Colombian Dwarf Gecko

Next in the list is the Colombian Dwarf Gecko. Earlier, they mainly used to reside in Central and South America. In recent times, deforestation has threatened its habitat. As a result, the Colombian Dwarf Gecko population is tottering on the brink of extinction.

Nguru Pygmy Chameleon

How can we forget the cute, but small population of Nguru Pygmy Chameleon! They are mostly available in East Africa. However, only a few of this ancient breed of animals are alive now.

Round Island Keel Scaled Boa

Along with them, the Round Island Keel Scaled Boa was predominantly found in Mauritius. Now, Round Islands is the only habitat for them. This island is a safe haven for them. Because it is free of rodents. The population of this reptile reduced. Because they could not resist the attack of rodents.

Desperate Leaf Chameleon

Last but not least, the Desperate Leaf Chameleon hails from Northern Madagascar. A severe loss of habitat has drastically reduced the population of this tiny reptile and made it rare. 

7 Rare Species Of Reptiles - Unfortunate Yet True
7 Rare Species Of Reptiles – Unfortunate Yet True

Gulbaru Geckos – Another Rare Species Of Reptile

When we come across the name of Gulbaru Geckos, we remember that this species of lizards had been mentioned in the novel “The Thornbirds.” Also known as Australian leaf-tailed geckos, they are found in Australia. This variety of lizards occupies only 23 square kilometers of land. However, even this tiny patch of land is at risk of uncontrolled burning of a section of rainforests and unmitigated grazing of the rest. Surprisingly, they can camouflage themselves well. So, only a few of this reptile is available now. 

To conclude, whenever we plan conservation, reptiles are easily the last type of animal that we have in mind. In consequence, many beautiful reptiles have become rare. Hearteningly, now, we can see attempts to rectify the situation.

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