5 Types of Albino Corn Snake

Albino Corn Snake

Corn snakes are one of the best pets to have. Many like to breed this species like the albino corn snake. Today, numerous corn snake morphs, and if you purchase one, you can choose from different colors.

Reverse Okeetee

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Reverse Okeetees have distinctive color patterns. If you do not look at them closely, you might think they are fake because of the vibrant color. It has red eyes that make it more impressive.

Its base color is a peach, light color, and the patterns are stretched into its spine, which can be color off-white or orange. This snake is also fun to keep as apet because as they grow mature and older, they also become larger. You can get a Reverse Okeetee snake for about $125 per species, and this prices is for the baby ones.

Albino Tessera

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This albino corn snake is one of the most fantastic color markings you will see. The patterns on their backs are unique, unlike other morphs. It is orange-pink usually, and on his backside, it has a dark pink stripe.

Albino Tessera’s color is not very vibrant but deep cherry red. It is the cutest, and many snake lovers like this. On an average, an Albino Tessera snake can cost up to $150, depending on where you acquire one. However, compared to other albino snakes, this one is fairly affordable in terms of its features.

Orange Creamsicle

Orange creamsicle has dark and light patterns that stretch on their bodies. The colors are very bright and make them pretty for a snake. They often have red eyes, but when morphing with others, they might change.

Amel Corn

It is one of the albino snakes, but it is the opposite. It lacks melanin or pigmentation. Amel is short for Amenalistic, and this snake still looks nice even with its rare condition. However, this snake is one of the prettiest corn snakes.

Ghost Bloodred

This snake has a cool name, and its colors are light and faded. If this baby gets lost in dead leaves, you will hardly find it. The name may be firm, but the colors are so subtle that they will make you stare at them. The color pattern is often gray and day, but there are some red spots on some parts.

Normally, if you plan to buy a Ghost Bloodred snake, it will cost you abou $200 at most for one. They are one of the most expensive types of snakes to keep and buy. The price depends on where you buy the snake. There are pet stores and reptile shops that sell this type of snake, and the price also depends on how old they are currently.


The Albino corn snake is one of the unique snakes in history. Its colors are amazing and hard to resist. Even if many fear snakes, it will be indeed hard to resist this one. Taking or getting one of these snakes is your choice, and if you do not want any, people will highly respect that.

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