5 Species Of Flying Snakes - species of flying snakes 5 Species Of Flying Snakes - species of flying snakes

5 Species Of Flying Snakes

5 Species Of Flying Snakes

Imagine the shock which a traveler would get if a snake whooshes above his head. No doubt, it is going to be an extremely strange sight. To figure it out, one needs to know more about this rare species of reptile. Here, the traveler must not make the mistake of thinking that the flying snakes are blessed with wings like birds. Actually they fan out their ribs in such a way that the width of their bodies double. And this will make you think that they are flying. In reality, they glide from one tree to another with ease. Biologists find the flying snake intriguing.

5 Species Of Flying Snakes
5 Species Of Flying Snakes

So, they are trying to gather as much information about the species as possible. To begin with, let us know more about the food habits of flying snakes. 

Food Habits Of Flying Snakes

A flying snake is mostly active during the daytime. So, it’s favorite food is a particular type of lizard which dwells on trees. Apart from this, it also consumes rodents and some frogs. Their rear fangs contain a small quantity of venom. A flying snake uses this venom to paralyze their prey. Subsequently, they consume the paralyzed prey.

In this context, it is important to note that there are five different species of flying snakes. Let us have a look at them.

 Species Of Flying Snakes

According to biologists, there are five species of flying snakes. This information is necessary because their description will vary according to their species.

Golden Tree Snakes / Ornate Flying Snakes

To begin with, there are Golden Tree Snakes. Some of the Golden Tree Snakes may be as long as four feet. As a result, their ability to glide remains weak. Contrary to its name, a Golden Tree Snake is found in other colors. For example, the Golden Tree Snake found in India has black stripes on its dorsum.

5 Species Of Flying Snakes
5 Species Of Flying Snakes

Paradise Tree Snake

Then comes the Paradise Tree Snake. Mostly found in the European countries, they are black in color. However, their black bodies are covered with rich dark scales. Some of them have a cluster of scales shaped like flower petals in their dorsal area. These clusters of scales are red, yellow and green in color. They cover the dorsal part of their body, starting from the base of their neck and ending in the tail. However, their ability to glide is the best. 

Banded Snake

After that, we have the banded snake, also known as the twin barred tree snake. Their dark grey-black bodies are covered with thin yellow, thick red and black bands. Furthermore, this is the smallest variety of flying snakes. As a result of its small size, it is and to move horizontally. However, it is not able to glide as smoothly as the Paradise Tree Snake.

Last but not least, we do not have much information about the Moluccan Flying Snake and the Sri Lankan Flying Snake. In consequence, we don’t have much idea regarding their physical appearance. 

Though there are few other animals that have the capability of gliding, however, the experts say the snakes are the better gliders in comparison to others.

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