2 Species of Reptiles That Are On The Verge Of Extinction -

2 Species of Reptiles That Are On The Verge Of Extinction

2 Species of Reptiles That Are On The Verge Of Extinction

It’s rare to find people on the earth who is not familiar with the term extinction. Yet most of us are unaware of very few common facts. Do you even know that while reading this article, a species is getting enlisted in the red list of IUCN? The International Union for Conservation of Nature, in short IUCN, is the global authority who looks after the conservation of the endangered species. Along with it, they are attached to several other welfare activities as well, related to the wild-life.

Now, to make things clear, it requires mentioning that the term extinction is not only related to dinosaurs and giant mammoths. As per records, every day approximately 150-200 species face extinction. Now, they include everything that is wild, which ranges from giant elephants and hippopotamus to the tiniest herb and grasses.

While several species are going extinct every day we will mention 2 of the critically threatened species of reptiles. They are already on the verge of extinction because of certain reasons. Few of them are nature caused, while most are man-made.

Madagascar Big-Headed Turtle (Erymnochelys madagascariensis)

2 Species of Reptiles That Are On The Verge Of Extinction
2 Species of Reptiles That Are On The Verge Of Extinction

Securing its position at the 1st place on Edge ranking, these turtles have also topped our list as well. These big-headed residents of Madagascar have the highest ED score to date among all the species in the world, which is 97. These ancient creatures are believed to be existing since the extinction of dinosaurs or even before that. They prefer to reside in slow rivers and backwater and were mainly found in the water bodies across Western Madagascar. They feed mainly on sea plants and remains of dead creatures.


The species faced serious threats because of mankind, who hunted them down for foods and other body parts. The IUCN enlisted them as critically endangered in their list of threatened species. Even the Turtle Conservation Fund have enlisted this species among the top 25 endangered species of Turtles. Following a huge decline in its numbers over the past few decades, there are approximately, only 10,000 alive now. And it’s decreasing. Few organizations like TCF (Turtle Conservation Fund) and others have taken initiatives to raise funds to prevent their extinction through conservation and other well-fare projects.

Madagascar Blind Snake (Xenotyphlops grandidieri)

Topping among snakes, with Edge Rank of 3 and ED score of 67, these small, hard to find creatures are natives of Madagascar. They are so small that you can confuse them with an earthworm. Another main reason for the confusion is their pinkish color which is hard to distinguish. However, these poor creatures are blind and mainly feeds on ants and termites. In spite of being blind, they are deft hunters and prefer to reside in sandy areas. And why not? That’s where they get their prey, and if they sense danger, that’s where they can hide too.

2 Species of Reptiles That Are On The Verge Of Extinction
2 Species of Reptiles That Are On The Verge Of Extinction

Already Extinct?

Right now, these species are the sole representatives of their family of blind snakes. Initially, their name came to records in 1905 and it took 100 years to know more about them. Meanwhile, the species faced significant threats because of habitat issues created by man-kind. And eventually, they were charted as critically endangered in the list of threatened species published by IUCN. Research on these rare species has been stopped to prevent any further threat to them. Even, their current population is also unknown. However, no measures are taken yet to conserve the species.

Few Important Approach To Prevent Extinction

The most important thing that you have to understand is, that the term extinction can be for everybody. Even for mankind. Even for you. And that can be stopped only by preventing the extinction of other species. Be it a tiger, a polar bear or even a tiny lizard. Each and every species has its own contribution to this world, which creates the entire ecosystem. So believe and try to co-exist side by side. Stop using animal products, just for luxury or other purposes. Prevent deforestation and try to stop any type of pollution. And always remember, charity begins at home. So next time, if you see an unwanted lizard or snake in your garden, let it go. Otherwise, leave it harmless somewhere safe. Don’t kill it, just because you don’t like it. Because maybe you will never get to see it again in the future.

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